Added exceptional juried design challenges:


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Yachts and Sailors ChallengeAchievement ChallengeVehicle ChallengeHomeware Challenge
Retail ChallengeExcellence ChallengeIndustrial ChallengeWebsite Challenge
Global Awards ChallengeWorldwide Awards ChallengeDesigners ChallengeStreet Furniture Challenge
Museums ChallengeSocial and Behavioral Sciences ChallengeTalents ChallengeArchitects Challenge
Foremost ChallengeGreatest Architecture ChallengeGreatest Design Works ChallengeExquisite Designs Challenge
Top Architects ChallengeLeading ChallengeProfessional Designers' ChallengeDiligence of Technology Challenge
Business Plan ChallengeWorkshop and Warehouse ChallengeArchitecture Projects ChallengeArt Installations Challenge
Art Works ChallengeHR Programs ChallengeDisplay Units ChallengeBeauty Products Challenge
Summits ChallengeGreen Goods ChallengeArtists Books ChallengeDictionary Challenge
Prosumer Tools ChallengeDesign Proposals ChallengeEngineering ChallengeBusiness Deals Challenge
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